Initial situation for Genesys customers/interested parties

When using the Genesys Cloud solution, calls are routed by VoIP to AWS (Amazon Web Services) over the Genesys Cloud solution (encrypted routing/termination possible, as sensitive and business-related data are transferred) .

In practice, most international carriers do not have any direct peering to AWS (and no overflow scenarios set up in the standard), which means that the carrier, for its international service numbers, transfers calls to the Internet unencrypted and without any monitoring option.

The path through the public Internet to AWS is thus uncontrollable and subject to the following business-critical, labour-intensive, tiresome and inconvenient problems.

Poor speech quality

during high call volumes (peaks) caused by the generated growing/increased voice/data traffic. (Causes: Home Office workplace, streaming services, poor network expansion, network overload, etc.).

Missing/defective ICT/IN infrastructure

for intelligent, automatic overflow scenarios via alternative Internet hubs and/or the carrier's termination partner (which operates the international service numbers), as this is very cost-intensive and the routing/termination should be as favourable as possible.

No specialised focus

or standardised product (international service numbers) from the carrier for high quality call routing/termination when connecting contact centre locations for business customers to AWS (e.g. in the Genesys Cloud).

Little to no know-how

of many international carriers, technology providers and system houses on the subject of "redundant multiplex ICT/IN infrastructure for the routing/termination of calls to AWS". Our best practice experiences with famed and reputable companies!

Our ICT / IN infrastructure for routing / termination of voice / data (telephone calls) to AWS:

BERICON’s redundant multiplex ICT/IN infrastructure is networked directly and physically with the largest Internet hubs (DEC-IX, BC-IX, AMS-IX, etc.) and transfers incoming calls (your customer service calls) to these subscribers directly to AWS (and, on request, over the Genesys Cloud solution).

The voice/data traffic is therefore transferred over physical lines to the Internet hubs and then routed as USP via a direct peering to the AWS over the Genesys Cloud solution BUSINESS LIKE/ESSENTIAL/REQUIRED.

Benefits for Genesys customers/Genesys partners:

DALL·E 2024-06-04 22.12.55 - A futuristic and vibrant scene representing a unified, cloud-based contact center solution. The image showcases a high-tech, sleek office with agents

for a „redundant multiplex ICT/IN infrastructure for the routing/termination of voice/data traffic (incoming calls via international service numbers) to AWS“.

or other TC solutions for AWS (complex IP overflow routings with direct peerings to AWS) are possible as follows in the standard and in short order:

  1. Transfer in Frankfurt via DEC-IX
  2. Transfer in Berlin via BC-IX
  3. Transfer in Frankfurt via AMS-IX
  4. Transfer in Berlin via AMS-IX

analysis of your international service numbers and routing), in order to integrate the Genesys Cloud solution redundantly and qualitatively.

for voice/data traffic to AWS in the Genesys Cloud solution. Best practice experiences!

(all IP routing metrics) to/from AWS.

, as voice/data traffic is managed and monitored from routing to termination at AWS by our ICT/IN infrastructure.

is another advantage when using IX and peering directly in content networks. Thus, the path as well as the telephone signal transfer time is shorter and more stable.

possible at any time (24x7x365).

by our physically redundant network interconnections with famous international carriers.

are of course possible.

with appropriate business quality of services for your international service numbers and routing/termination of your calls.

and, with this, the associated termination of your SIP trunks, virtualised IVR/voice dialogue applications on our IN platform (optionally upstream of the Genesys Cloud solution or an alternative TC/customer dialogue solution/also as backup solution).

platform (international outbound termination). In this outbound scenario, our IN platform transfers the corresponding country-specific service number to the called party in the country, who could then call back on this country-specific service number and then return the call to the Genesys cloud solution.

, as there is no termination fee per minute to AWS.

For customers in certain sectors, there may be compliance guidelines that can be implemented at AWS with this termination solution, but which would not be possible with conventional methods. This may be equally important for data protection, as many customers are subject to strict regulations or self-imposed compliance requirements.

Your benefit

Our established international ICT/IN infrastructure has created outstanding connections to Amazon Web Services (AWS), which can be used to integrate the Genesys Cloud solution (and an alternative TC/customer dialogue solution) quickly and easily.

With our BERICON ICT experts, you can rely on many years of practical expertise in high-quality ICT/IN infrastructure (international service numbers and termination at AWS).

Best practice experiences and an international stable telephony infrastructure from a single source, always economical and technically optimised!