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International service numbers

(advice/IN operation/24 x 7x 365 control)

Companies and individuals are working more and more internationally due to the effects of globalisation and the economic/political changes in many countries (from abroad and with international individuals/partners/customers), which strengthens economic and technical internationalisation and is moving into the focus of companies/entrepreneurs.

Owing to the economic growth (boom), commercially robust master plans, a future-oriented technology incentive/introduction, the emergence of new trading metropolises/financial centres, unique tourist attractions and prospectively affordable and stable energy supply solutions, and much more from many countries (such as UAE, China, USA, etc.) and the opposing new framework conditions/changes associated with this in some countries (stagnation), companies (market leaders/start-ups/investors) and people are rethinking and focussing intensively on an economic/political/entrepreneurial and humanitarian/liberal/ prospective internationalisation.

Against this background, a technically stable, cross-border telephone accessibility/service concept (ICT infrastructure for inbound and outbound telephony) must be set up/expanded for companies in all sectors or existing concepts must be economically/technically optimised.

Our team of international ICT experts has been advising and supporting companies at the top of the market for years with the selection of the right international ICT/telephony infrastructure and customer contact channels (regarding international service numbers and SIP trunks in various countries, regulatory/legal requirements in each country, intelligent and automated call functions for inbound/outbound telephony, etc.) on the basis of individual requirements and legal regulations for a customer-friendly and economically optimised international service telephony concept.

Are you grappling with the following issues?

Administration portal for your international/service numbers and IN solutions

Our web-based administration portal “Cockpit” enables each customer to independently make changes to their international service numbers, set up intelligent routing scenarios and disaster recovery scenarios and activate/deactivate them at short notice.

International stocktaking & documentation

Due to personnel and structural changes in the company, an overview of the current ICT/telephony infrastructure and important information and documents may be lost and/or not be up to date.

This can have critical consequences for the company, which cost a considerable amount of time and money. Therefore, we will look at the subject of documentation and stocktaking for your ICT infrastructures.

Based on a collectively defined procedure, we can confidently record the following components for you:

International production announcements and translation

Use our complementary skills for corporate sound, corporate voice, corporate identity and audio branding for constant optimisation of your products.

Professional announcements position your telephone services & voice dialogue processes, your products and brand names safely and sustainably in the global market place, which lead to a consistently positive and uniform customer communication in your corporate identity design.

Apart from audio productions with broadcast quality in high-end sound studios up to the AVID PRO TOOLS HD industry standard, you are provided with a constantly growing global directory of speakers and an AI solution to cover all national languages including dialects for ICT/IVR/voice dialogue/AI systems.

Thanks to this networking, announcement productions may be produced much more quickly than usual in the industry – and with the same professional quality! This creates cost-effective and high-quality international announcements/voice files for telephone call/IVR/voice dialogue/AI solutions for your contact centre from a single source.

Announcement production prices are based on the following parameters:


German - Valley

American-Englisch - Valley

Emma - British Englisch

If you would like to walk on to the international stage and/or analyse/optimise your international ICT/telephony infrastructure economically/technically, we would be delighted to discuss the matter with you.

Don’t hesitate, we are looking forward to hearing from you.